Derel Spirits: because drinking plain old water is just too boring.

Why settle for something as basic as hydration when you can have Derel Spirits? Made from the finest ingredients, like disappointment and regret, our spirits are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Are you tired of vodka or rum that actually tastes different? Well, you are not going to get that here; we taste like what you think it should taste like, not some BS overly marketed description. Our unique distillation process results in a taste that can only be described as “yeah, that’s good.” But don't take our word for it, come try it for yourself and see if you can stop being a marketing whore.
Looking for a spirit that's perfect for any occasion? Derel is perfect for weddings, funerals, and that awkward family dinner where you just need something to take the edge off. So, why settle for something as pedestrian as water when you can have Derel? Go ahead, make your next party or gathering just a little bit better with Derel Spirits.