Derel Vodka
A state of mind or just a lifestyle meant for the ages. By the way, it’s 3pm and have you had a clear yet? Derel Vodka is there to help you support life’s quintessential 2 dollar questions.


Derel buys beverage grade 6x distilled GNS to produce this vodka. It’s the first time he ever received the highest grade for anything. Not to be fancy, just the best juice Derel can lay his hands on and pass on to you at a respectable price. And at that price you can afford to not drink alone. 

So grab a pack of smokes and a friend, Derel’s coming over.

But guess what? It’s the same process that all of those big name “distilleries” do but you don’t notice because you are a sucker for marketing.



It’s a Vodka Soda. If you can’t make this, should you even be drinking…


  1. Add Derel Vodka and Lime Juice to the stolen copper mug that you keep in your pantry. Add ice, top with ginger beer and stir till ice cold.

  2. Reflect on how you are a shitty person.


  1. Add ingredients to shaker, shake the crap out of it, strain into a chilled martini glass because you once slept with Tom Selleck and are super classy.
  2. Garnish with a lemon twist.