Ranch Vodka
Vodka from Texas should be from Texas. Here at Ranch we use Yellow Dent Corn that imparts a soft, buttery sweetness that is distilled once and not filtered. This is a vodka for the cocktail drinker that wants to elevate their drinks or for the person that wants a perfectly crafted crisp, clean vodka. Taste the Ranch difference.


Grain to Glass: The way Texas spirits should be made.

We proudly mash and distill premium yellow corn from Lytle, TX for our vodka. We then slow copper column distill just above boiling temperature to help create a spirit that has a buttery sweetness to hit the front of your palate and then levels off to a smooth finish.

By copper column distilling this way we don’t have to filter. Why filter when you can distill correctly? We choose to do it right the first time and not cut corners. You can’t cut corners when breaking a horse. Why cut corners when making vodka?

Mash Bill – 100% Texas Corn 



For the perfect Chilton use a 12 oz. Highball.

Take ingredients, shake/strain into a chilled highball with a salted rim that has been packed full of ice, top with Sparkling Water, stir.

PRO TIP: The trick is that the ice touches the bottom of the glass and is filled to the brim of the glass. You are drinking at home, no one is charging you to make more than one at a time!

Moscow Mule (RV)

Add Ranch Vodka and Lime Juice to 12 oz. glass (copper cup optional), fill with ice, stir till well chilled, add more ice to brim, top with ginger beer, stir, garnish with lime.


For the perfect vodka soda follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Add ice to brim of glass with Ranch Vodka, 2 oz. ice cold Topo and squeeze of citrus.
  2. Stir till glass is chilled, top with more ice, then more Topo.
  3. Stir again for 10 seconds, garnish with fresh citrus and enjoy!


  1. Add the gin, vodka and Lillet blanc into a mixing glass with ice and stir until well-chilled.
  2. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
  3. Express the oils from a lemon twist over the drink, rub the twist along the rim of the glass and drop it into the cocktail.


Add ingredients to a shaker tin, add ice, shake/strain over ice, top with Topo/Club Soda, stir and serve.

PRO TIP: if sweetened ginger syrup is unavailable, use 4 oz. ginger beer in lieu of ginger syrup and 1 oz. of Topo/Ginger Beer to brighten cocktail.