Derel Coconut Rum
Cocktails and wet dreams are the highlight of Derel’s life. You know you have a winner for coconut rum when it smells like the 1984 Hawaiian Tropic Calendar.

So grab your favorite pair of Tiddies™ and floaties, Derel Coconut Rum is here for the party.


Derel Coconut Rum begins its life as a 99% blend of Spanish style rum and 1% blend of English pot still rum from Jamaica. By taking these two molasses style rums, one column distilled and one pot distilled, we are able to give Derel Rum a unique flavor profile. We then take a proprietary blend of coconut extract to create our flavorful Rum.

Derel Coconut exhibits aromas of coconut pulp with notes of vanilla and cinnamon. The palate follows the nose with a greater presence of rum and delivers flavors of coconut, vanilla, banana, with soft touches of molasses. With flavors like this, the Pina Colada is about to file a restraining order.



  1. Add ingredients to a shaker, ice, shake, strain into a coupe, top with André, because brunch.
  2. Honey Syrup – 3 parts Honey, 1 part Water


  1. Add ingredients to a shaker, ice, shake, loosely strain into a highball, top with cracked ice
  2. For non sweetened variation, remove simple syrup, but you have diabetes and don’t watch your alcohol intake, so forget this part… #derelislyfe
  3. Simple Syrup – 1 Part Water, 1 Part Granulated Sugar. Stir (No heat, simple…)


*note, it’s easy to make, but since you are a Derel we don’t trust you unless we made this into a bullet point.

  1. Add mint to bottom of shaker tin, hit once with muddler (no more!)
  2. Add rest of ingredients and ice. Quick shake and dump into chilled highball (collins for you heathens).
  3. Top with crushed ice and stir til thoroughly mixed. Garnish with mint sprig.
  4. Club soda is not needed, but you probably think it is… so 2 ounces.