Derel Silver & Gold Rums
Derel Spirits has raided the Caribbean for the finest rums for his silver and gold selections. Sounds cool, right? Well, we all know that sounds like a load of marketing bullshit so let’s unload on ye broadside the true story!


Derel Silver Rum is a 99% blend of Spanish style rum with a lighter, rectified taste that gives Derel his slender body. We then blend 1% English pot still rum from Jamaica to give Derel his proprietary estery flavor profile. By taking these two molasses style rums, one column distilled and one pot distilled, we are able to give Derel Silver Rum a unique flavor that will mix the perfect Daiquiri!

Derel Gold Rum will have a slightly sweeter, richer flavor to go along with the amber color. The vanilla profile combined with the Jamaican esters will highlight any cocktail. From a Planters Punch to Tortuga punches to Mai Thais, Derel Gold Rum will make a wonderful cocktail.

Now, Derel doesn’t mind if you have a dingy or a cigarette boat. He knows that everyone needs to make extra margin and will always give you the most cost effective rums in the market. So climb aboard and hydrate, Derel’s going drinking!



  1. Add ingredients to a shaker, ice, shake, strain into a coupe, top with André, because brunch.
  2. Honey Syrup – 3 parts Honey, 1 part Water


  1. Add ingredients to a shaker, ice, shake, loosely strain into a highball, top with cracked ice
  2. For non sweetened variation, remove simple syrup, but you have diabetes and don’t watch your alcohol intake, so forget this part… #derelislyfe
  3. Simple Syrup – 1 Part Water, 1 Part Granulated Sugar. Stir (No heat, simple…)


*note, it’s easy to make, but since you are a Derel we don’t trust you unless we made this into a bullet point.

  1. Add mint to bottom of shaker tin, hit once with muddler (no more!)
  2. Add rest of ingredients and ice. Quick shake and dump into chilled highball (collins for you heathens).
  3. Top with crushed ice and stir til thoroughly mixed. Garnish with mint sprig.
  4. Club soda is not needed, but you probably think it is… so 2 ounces.